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4 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know

Plumbing problems for any homeowner can occur at any time and cause a number of further issues if the original plumbing problem isn't addressed properly. This is why you want to be sure that you understand your home's plumbing system and know how to avoid potential problems altogether. Here are four things that your plumber wants you to know so that you can avoid many common plumbing problems:

1. No Oil or Grease Down the Sink: When you are cooking, always try to remember that oil and grease should not be going down the sink. This is because oil and grease do not dissolve and flush well in water. Instead of flushing all the way down your plumbing pipes, the oil and grease is going to get trapped on the sides of the pipes. Eventually, this oil and grease is going to build up on the sides of the pipe, eventually causing the sink to become clogged. So, to avoid a potential clog in the sink, you want to be sure that you put oil and grease in the trash, not down the sink. 

2. Don't Ignore Small Problems: A huge mistake that many homeowners make is ignoring small plumbing problems and only taking care of them once it becomes a larger issue. For example, if you notice a small leak in the sink, you better call your local plumber right away. Otherwise, you could be having to replace the sink altogether instead of paying an inexpensive cost of getting the small leak fixed. You can save a great deal of money by taking care of minor issues as soon as they are noticed. 

3. Water Heaters Need Your Attention: Many homeowners ignore the water heaters in their home since the water heater is typically tucked away and out of sight. However, it is important that you remember to have the water heater flushed once a year and check for any signs of rust. If these small maintenance issues are not addressed once a year, you could end up having to replace the water heater altogether much sooner than you would otherwise need to. 

4. Know When to Stop: If you are attempting to make a plumbing repair on your own, but you aren't quite sure about how to take care of certain steps in the process, then you should call your plumber. Many homeowners believe that they can fix the problem on their own without really knowing what they are doing at all. Typically, this causes more problems than it actually solves. Save money by hiring a plumber when you need professional help.

By knowing what your plumber wants you to know, you can better take care of the plumbing in your home, which in turn saves you money and even some frustration.