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Primary Reasons Your Sump Pump Could Fail

The sump pump is one of those things that isn't noticed until it is needed or until it fails. There are some common reasons that your sump pump could fail. Many of these issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and prevention routines.

Check The Switch

The switch that controls whether or not the pump comes on is possibly one of the most important parts of a sump pump. Sometimes it can become stuck in one position. This particular issue happens when the machine moves around inside the basin. The float located inside the pump can't do its job properly because it has been moved.

Improper Size

Sometimes when a home is built or remodeled, the wrong size pump is placed in the home. If the item is too small, it is not going to be able to function properly. It can easily become overwhelmed and fail you when it is needed at a dire moment. Another thing to consider is the horsepower that the pump runs. If the pump isn't big enough to run the required amount of power, it may not be able to remove all the unnecessary water and cause a flood in the basement.

The Electric Goes Out

This may seem like it is a no-brainer, but many people don't realize that if the electricity goes out the sump pump will not come on. Like other things in the house, this particular machine requires power to function. This can be a huge problem if you are in the middle of an emergency such as a flash flood. If there is not a backup generator connected to the pump, it has no electricity to make it work during a power outage.

Problems In The Pipes

Sump pumps are connected to pipes. Like other pipes, there are a number of issues that can happen. They can freeze in the cold, even if they are buried. Dirt, leaves, and even small rodents can work their way into pipes blocking the pathways. The water that the pump is trying to get rid of won't be able to get out if there is a blockage.

Sump pumps can break down and fail just like any other machines. Many of these troubles can be solved with regular maintenance. Consider getting a backup generator and taking the time to make sure your sump pump is the right size. Finally, verifying that everything is working with a plumber, before any extreme weather is headed your way, can help prevent any major disasters later on.