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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget The Plumbing System In The Home

Every spring, homeowners focus on cleaning up the filth from inside their home. They clean out the kitchen cabinets, wipe down the walls and get the carpets cleaned, but do they take the time to give the home plumbing system a good spring cleaning and tune-up? In many cases, no. Here, you will learn what to do to give your plumbing system a good cleaning and tune-up to help prevent some of the costly repairs and failing performance that would otherwise occur.

Pressure Check

The water pressure in your home must be adjusted properly to ensure that the pressure is neither too high nor too low. High water pressure could strain the water lines and low water pressure could increase the amount of mineral deposits that build up inside the pipes.

To test the water pressure in your home, you will need a small water pressure gauge. This gauge screws onto the hose bibb on an exterior faucet. Once in place, open the water spigot fully and let the water flow. The gauge will provide you with a reading. The appropriate level of pressure for a home is around 80 psi. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure proper water pressure throughout your home.

Drain Cleaning

Don't wait for your drains to back up before giving them the attention they need. If you take the time to clean the drains at least once through the year, you will have less troubles with them. Drain cleaning can be done with drain cleaning tools or with a drain cleaning solution.

You can make your own drain cleaning mixture by using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Simply pour a small amount of baking soda down the drain followed by the peroxide. The mixture will work to free any clogs and break up hairballs and grease that has become trapped in the drains. Give the mixture fifteen minutes or so to clean the lines and then run hot water through the drains for a few minutes to clear them completely.

Note: This task can be completed by your local plumbing professional. Hiring a plumber, like those at Tidewater Plumbing & Heating, to clean your drains can help you avoid problems in the future because he or she can inspect the drains for problems during the cleaning process.

Water Heater Flushing

The hot water heater is oftentimes neglected and it really should be given care each year. Flush the hot water tank as a part of your spring cleaning and maintenance routine. Flushing a hot water heater will not take long to do and it can keep the unit working more efficiently and for a longer period of time.

Talk with your local plumber about your spring plumbing cleaning and tune-up. This will help identify potential problems so they can be repaired before they become serious issues within your home.