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What You Need to Know about Enzyme Drain Cleaners

The last thing you want to experience throughout your busy day is a clogged drain. When this happens, you might think that grabbing the first chemical drain cleaner, other types of clog busters that you can find is the appropriate response. However, if you want to use something more natural, choose enzyme-based drain cleaners instead. As with any product that you use, natural or otherwise, there are good and bad aspects to enzyme-based cleaners. This guide provides you with what you need to know about these cleaners before you purchase them.

Enzyme Drain Cleaners Are Good for the Plumbing System

Enzyme cleaners for drains are compiled of bacteria that eat hair, human waste, and food scraps. As the enzymes eat away at these items clogging your drain, they multiply, spreading beneficial bacteria all around the drain.

Subsequently, as the clog clears the bacteria flows to the septic system, allowing for more growth of beneficial bacteria. Think of it as probiotics for your plumbing system. Chemical drain cleaners cut through hair, feces, and food, but they also eat away at both bad and good bacteria in the drain and the septic system. When there is a lower amount of good bacteria, the bad grows quickly, while the good needs to be replenished.

Enzyme Drain Cleaners Are Good for the Environment

Because enzyme drain cleaners do not contain harmful chemicals, there is no chance of the soil, water, and other organisms becoming contaminated. Beneficial bacteria are good for almost every living thing. If there is a leak, your lawn, garden, and water supply won't hurt those you love.  

Enzyme Drain Cleaners Take a Long Time to Work

Drain cleaners made of beneficial bacteria take much longer to cut through the clog than their chemical counterparts. However, if you have the time, pour some of the enzymes into the drain and you'll notice that the clog is gone within a few hours.

Since enzyme drain cleaners are live bacteria, you'll need to check the expiration date frequently and discard what you have not used. Once past the expiration date, the enzymes won't be as effective, if effective at all.

Many grocery stores don't carry enzyme-based drain cleaners, so check your home improvement stores, natural food stores, or ask your plumber for a small supply to keep on hand, so you don't have to resort to using chemicals if you have a clog and don't have any enzymes on hand. Ask your plumber for other ideas on natural plumbing products to keep your family healthy and to prevent more chemicals from entering the environment.