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Why An Air Conditioner Freezes And When A Professional Is Needed

It is not uncommon for an air conditioning unit that is in need of repairs to start to freeze up and stop blowing cold air. There are a few different reasons why an air conditioner may freeze up. There are some things that you will be able to do yourself to fix the problem, but there are other reasons why an air conditioner freezes up that will require you to have a professional a/c repair company come and fix the air conditioner. Below are some of the reasons why an a/c unit might begin to freeze up.

1. Dirty Filter. One of the reasons why an air conditioning unit may not work correctly and start to freeze up is because the air filter is dirty. When there is not enough air flow through the ducts and air conditioning system because the filter is dirty, the unit will begin to freeze up. By turning off the air conditioner, changing out the filter and waiting for the system to thaw out, you can potentially get the problem resolved without having to call a professional.

2. Thermostat. Some air conditioners might not be able to handle the load of cooling a home in very hot circumstances. If the thermostat is too low and trying to make the home too cool, the unit might begin to freeze up. By raising the thermostat a few degrees, you can ensure that it will not freeze up.

3. Low Refrigerant. Another reason why the air conditioner might freeze up is because it is low on refrigerant. When the refrigerant pressure is low, the temperature in the air conditioner also begins to drop. This begins to cause ice within the unit, which will then go out to the air conditioning lines. When this happens, a professional will need to come in and recharge the refrigerant. As the refrigerant pressure builds, the air conditioner will stop freezing and will work properly once again.

4. Dirty Coil and Ducts. Another reason why the unit may freeze is if the indoor coil is dirty. This will greatly restrict the airflow. A professional can come in and clean the coil. The ducts can also be cleaned so that the airflow is not restricted. Once these are cleaned and the air is flowing properly, the ice should melt and the air conditioner should work fine.

These are just some of the reasons why an air conditioner might freeze up. Some things you can do yourself to ensure it does not freeze. Other problems will require the help of a professional, such as those found at Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services.