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Home Plumbing Jobs That Should Be Performed By Professionals

There are some home plumbing projects that can be done by the average homeowner, but some projects require the services of a full service plumbing professional. Failure to secure the services of a plumbing professional in these cases can result in substantial damage to the home or even death for its occupants. These projects include:

Leaking or damaged water supply pipes

Supply pipes are pressurized, and attempts to repair them with pipe patches or other remedies can result in further damage to the pipes or a flooded house. If water is leaking from a supply pipe beyond a slow drip, portions of the pipe or the entire line may need to be replaced.

If water is spraying or flowing freely from a hole in a pipe, shut off the supply valve that is closest to the leak. If no valve is close to the leak, or the valve is ineffective, shut off the main valve, which will be located on the wall closest to your outside water meter. Call a plumbing professional.

Leaking gas line

If you smell natural gas, or believe you have a gas leak for any reason, you should remove everyone from the home immediately and call your natural gas provider or a 911 emergency line.

When the gas is turned off and it is deemed safe to return to the home, all repairs to the gas line, however minor, must be performed by a professional. Gas lines require a specific type of pipe and fittings, and need to be installed with the proper gaskets and other peripheral components that won't allow gas to escape.

Gas water heater repair or replacement

Gas powered water heaters have the same issues as other gas supply lines, but also have an additional potential hazard. When working on pipes atop a gas water heater, great care must be taken to ensure that the vent pipe is not damaged or moved.

The vent pipe on the top of a gas water heater allows carbon monoxide, and odorless and colorless poisonous gas, to be removed from the home. The vent pipe must be positioned correctly, ascending away from the water heater so the gas will flow up and out of the home.

If the vent cap or vent duct is damaged or jostled while plumbing work is being done, everyone is the home can be killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, without being aware that they are being affected. Victims simply fall asleep and never awaken.

Use good judgement when deciding which plumbing tasks that you can do and when it's time to call a professional (such as T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing Repair).