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Four Summer Plumber Bummers And How To Avoid Them

Summertime can bring on a more relaxed schedule for you and your family, but this can also lead to some unexpected plumbing issues around your home. If you can avoid common problems, you won't need to resort to plumbing repair as often. Here are four common plumbing issues you might run into over the summer months and how to avoid them.

1. Sprinkler Flooding

If your sprinklers start out the dry season without a proper cleaning and inspection, these might turn your yard into a puddle if you aren't careful. If you haven't used your sprinklers in months, be sure to clean sprinkler heads in case any mud or debris has accumulated. Don't just turn on sprinklers and hope for the best. Do an initial supervised test of your sprinklers turned on all the way to make sure that your system is good to go with no leaks or clogs.

2. Garbage Disposal Clogs

Summertime can be a great season for barbecues and entertainment. If you will be cooking at home more often and entertaining larger groups, try to give your garbage disposal a break. If you are worried that an overzealous guest prepping or cleaning up in your kitchen might abuse your garbage disposal, put in a drain catch and put tape over the on switch during your party.

3. Washing Machine Woes

In the summer months, your kids might be getting their clothes dirty faster than you can clean them, or poolside towels may seem to be in the washing machine full time. You may be overworking your machine, which can lead to drain backup. Make sure that your machine is away from the wall so that drain pipes aren't bent or crimped. It is a good idea to have your machine serviced in the spring before it is put to work over the summer.

4. Toilet Clogs

If your family is home for the summer, your bathrooms will be working overtime. Young kids might still be getting the hang of their bathroom routine and may be overloading the system with toilet paper. Make sure to give your family a reminder that only toilet paper goes down the toilet, and to only use what is needed. If you have a toilet that keeps clogging or if water backs up through the sink or shower, call in a plumber, like Aalco-The Drain Doctor, for emergency repair.

Plumbing issues in general can be a bummer, but if you can get prepared for common mishaps in the summer, you can take proper steps to avoid these. If you do run into a problem that you cannot fix on your own, calling in a service to help fix your plumbing problems will be in order.