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4 Types Of Plumbing Snakes – What Do You Need For Your Home?

Clogged drain pipes can lead to big problems in the home. One tool that every homeowner should have handy is a plumbing snake –also known as an auger. What many people don't realize is that there are different types of plumbing snakes used to remove various plumbing clogs. Below, you will learn a little about the different types of snakes for removing plumbing clogs.

Hand Snake

The hand snake, or hand auger is probably the most popular snake for the household. This type of snake is hand-powered and is used to clear clogs in bathtub, shower and basin drains. Many hand snakes have a handle for rotating a long cable that is fed down into the drain pipe. At the end of the cable is an auger that works to break hair, grease and other debris free from the drain pipe.

Toilet Snake

The toilet snake is another snake that should be kept in every household. Instead of calling a plumber to free every stopped toilet, you can quickly grab a toilet snake, send it down into the drain pipe and free up most clogs quickly and easily.

The toilet snake is specifically designed for unclogging toilets without causing any damage to the toilet or plumbing. The cable on a toilet snake is only a few feet long and it has a handle with a crank to rotate the auger bit at the end of the cable to free up the clog.

Motorized Hand Snake

Motorized hand snakes are much like the traditional hand snake with the exception that it either has a motor built into the handle or it attaches to a power drill. The snake cable is fed down into the drain pipes and is rotated by the motor or drill to free up difficult clogs.

Motorized snakes are not recommended for use in toilets because they can damage the porcelain toilet and make your problems much worse.

Motorized Drum Snake

This type of snake is a large machine that is typically only used by professional plumbers. They are used to free up clogs in main drain pipes, like tree roots or heavy-duty obstructions. At the end of the snake cable is a removable blade. The blade can be changed to meet the needs of the plumber to break apart the exact type of obstruction that is causing the issues.

Now that you know a little about the different types of plumbing snakes and the problems they fix, you are better prepared to invest in the one/s for your home. If you cannot seem to break up the clog on your own, contact your local plumber (such as Bill Rhiner's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling) for assistance.