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Patch The Leaking Pipe Under Your Bathroom Sink's Vanity

A leaking pipe underneath your bathroom sink's vanity can cause the material that the vanity is made out to become damaged if it becomes saturated with water. Learn how to patch the pipe with the following steps. Once you have finished, you can safely use the sink that is attached to the vanity until you are able to have the pipe replaced.

Materials Needed

  • towel
  • emery cloth
  • tack cloth
  • waterproof epoxy
  • putty knife
  • bucket of warm water
  • plumbing tape
  • scissors

Dry The Pipe And Sand Its Surface

Turn off the water supply. Turn on the faucet to empty out any water that is still inside of the pipe. Dry the pipe's surface and the bottom of the vanity with a towel. Lightly sand the damaged portion of the pipe with an emery cloth. Doing so will remove any residue that is on the pipe's surface so that the patching materials can evenly be attached in the following steps. Hold the cloth so that the fabric side is facing you as you move it back and forth over the pipe. Remove sandpaper particles from the pipe with a tack cloth.

Apply Waterproof Epoxy

Knead waterproof epoxy between your hands until it is soft and flexible. Flatten the epoxy until the entire piece is the same thickness. Wrap the epoxy around the damaged portion of the pipe. Press it down firmly so that it stays attached to the pipe. Use a putty knife to assist with pressing the putty down. Read the back of the package that the epoxy came in to determine how long it will take to harden.

Cover The Epoxy With Plumbing Tape

Place a layer of plumbing tape over the hardened epoxy to add further protection. Submerge the tape in a bucket of warm water for a few minutes. Remove the tape and squeeze the roll to remove excess water. Locate the end of the tape and pull it away from the roll. Attach the tape over the putty. Carefully unroll the tape and press it against the epoxy. Once the repaired area is covered completely, use scissors to cut the tape. Use your fingers to press the tape along the length of the pipe. Wait for the tape to harden. This could take a couple hours. 

Turn on the water supply. Look under the vanity while the faucet is turned on. Water should no longer be dripping. Use the faucet when you need to, but schedule a time to have the pipe repaired or replaced by a licensed plumber, like those at Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Service, at your earliest convenience.