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4 Ways Homeowners Can Tell When Plumbing Needs to Be Upgraded

Many homeowners take their home plumbing for granted. The plumbing system does a lot: it delivers water for washing dishes, taking baths, and other household uses, and it then removes that used water from the home. As with most things, plumbing will deteriorate and eventually become useless. At some point in time, you'll need to consider a plumbing upgrade. For those who are unfamiliar with plumbing or new to owning and maintaining a home, it can be hard to determine when an upgrade is necessary. Here are four key signs that your home's plumbing is shot and in need of replacement:

1. Stains from Past or Current Leaks

Inspect the areas around your plumbing pipes. If you notice any stains on the floor, wall, or other surfaces, then it is an indication that there is a current leak or that there was a past leak in the area. If the pipes are leaking currently, then it is important to consider new plumbing as soon as possible. At the very least, you should have the plumbing inspected. Plumbing that has leaked in the past is very likely to leak again in the future.

2. Flaking and Discoloration of Visible Pipes

Conduct a visible inspection of your plumbing pipes. Do you notice any stains, slight discolorations, dimples, or flaking? If so, then it is likely that this is a problem throughout the entire home's plumbing system. These signs indicate that the pipes are corroded. Corroded plumbing pipes are susceptible to breakage, which can result in leaks. They will give out over time, so the sooner you can have the plumbing replaced, the better off you and your home will be.

3. Discolored Bathtub Water

Many homeowners, especially ones who are new to ownership, may consider bathtub water that is tinted brown or yellow as dirty, muddy water. However, it is actually more likely a sign that the plumbing in the home is beginning to rust and corrode. The best time to determine whether this is the issue is when you come home from being away for an extended time, such as a vacation or long business trip. Water that sits in the rusted pipes will soak up the tint of the rust. If the discoloration is from dirt in the water, then this isn't going to occur.

4. Minor Leaks

Most people think that when their home plumbing network suffers a minor leak in one area that the rest of it is fine. However, this is generally not the case. More than likely, all of the home's plumbing was installed at the same time. Therefore, if one area is beginning to falter, the rest is likely going to deteriorate soon after. It's better to replace it all now rather than wait and repair the issues little by little and eventually still have to replace the plumbing.

Most plumbing problems in the home can easily be prevented with regular inspections and upkeep by a professional plumber. Whether you want to avoid a premature upgrade of your home's plumbing, have an emergency plumbing issue, or would like to upgrade your plumbing, consult with a quality plumbing company in your local area. Find a plumber at a website like http://terryrossplumbing.com/ to get started.