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Stinky Sewage Left In Your Yard After A Heavy Rainstorm? Get Rid Of It With These Tips

If heavy rains recently flooded the sewer line in your yard and left behind a big mess, take steps to get rid of it now. Raw sewage can create many problems if it soaks into the soil and grass on your property. The odors released by the sewage can make the air around your home intolerable. In many cases, the odors and water contain contaminants, such as bacteria and feces, that irritate your respiratory and digestive system. Here are tips you can use right now to clean up the mess safely.

Buy Your Safety Gear and Supplies

In order to clean up the sewage safely, you'll need to wear protective rubber boots, thick vinyl gloves and a facemask. These items keep contaminated water from soaking into your skin and eyes. Also, obtain a pair of old pants and one long-sleeved shirt you can throw out once you complete the job. 

Once you obtain the right clothing and gear, purchase a large box of black garbage bags, rake and shovel. You can always wash and sanitize the tools later. Depending on how large your cleanup job is, you may use up the entire box of garbage bags.

Clean Up the Mess

Cleaning up the mess will most likely take you a few hours. You may want to drink plenty of fluids to keep your energy up and body hydrated. Now, it's time to begin. 

Here's what you do:

  1. Put on your safety clothing and gear. It's a good idea that you block off the cleanup site with concrete blocks, cones or wooden boards to keep children and pets away from the contaminated area. 
  2. Rake up any debris you find in the site. Use your shovel to place the debris in the garbage bags. 
  3. Repeat step two until you completely cleared the cleanup site.

Store the garbage bags in a secure place away from the home, such as behind your garage or gardening shed. If the ground is still wet with sewage water, place mulch and gravel over it. Mulch will absorb most of the water and gravel will keep it confined to the cleanup site. Wait at least two days for these things to happen.

After two days, use your shovel to remove the soiled mulch and gravel, then place them in garbage bags. Contact your city and have it pick up all of the bags right away. If you notice that water continues to soak the ground after you cleaned everything up and followed the steps above, call a plumber and request additional sewer services. There may be a leak in the ground that needs immediate repair.  

For more information about cleaning up your yard or the raw sewage, schedule an appointment with a plumber