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At-Home Options To Fix Your Clogged Bathroom Sink

Having a clogged bathroom sink can be very inconvenient, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. Well, if you want to perform your own at-home repairs on your clogged sink while you wait for your plumber, then you may want to consider doing the following:

Take out The Stopper:

Do you often brush or comb your hair over your bathroom sink? If so, then hair can easily wash down into your drain and begin to build up, which can clog your drain. This can be a likely cause for your clogged bathroom sink, so definitely consider keeping this in mind. If you want to remove hair from your drain, you will want to remove the stopper and insert a wire hanger into the drain. Your stopper is the cap that sits above the entrance of your sink, which you can remove by unscrewing by hand. Once it is removed, you will want to hook the end of your hanger and insert the hooked end down into your sink. With the hook that you have formed on your hanger, you will be able to pull any hair build up out of your drains.

Remove the J-Bend:

Your sink's j-bend is the pipe that is located underneath your sink. This pipe is usually visible when you open your bathroom's vanity cabinets. The j-bend is held to your sink by two slip nuts, which can easily be unthreaded by rotating these nuts with your hands. Because of the shape of your sink's j-bend, many items that are dropped down your drain can usually be found here and these items can usually be the source of your clogged sink. By removing your j-bend pipe, you will be able to remove any of the items that you have dropped in your sink, which will open the drain back up to allow the water to flow.

Apply Baking Soda Down Your Sink:

Because it is likely that you apply make-up, hair products, and hygiene products over your sink, you are likely to wash some of these chemicals and products down your drain. These products and chemicals can build up and stick to the sides of your drain and this can block the water flow in your sink. To ensure this is not an issue, you will want to apply baking soda down into your drain. When applying the baking soda, it is best to let it sit for a few minutes, as this will give the baking soda time to deteriorate any chemicals sitting on the surface of your sink's drain, which will free up the opening of your drain.

Applying these tips won't only help you fix your sink while you wait for your plumber, but it will allow you to do so without having to buy store plumbing products. So, if you need a quick, temporary fix for your bathroom sink, definitely try these options.