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3 Solutions For Adding Solar Energy To Your Home On A Budget

There are many modern home improvements that can help lower your energy costs. This can include updating windows, adding insulation or installing solar panels on your roof. Solar energy can also be harvested to provide thermal energy, which can be used by your hot water heater. If you are looking for affordable ways to add solar energy to your home, here are some solutions that you may want to consider investing in:

1. Install A Small Solar Array Dedicated To Lighting

It may be too costly to install solar panels to power your entire home, but this is not the only option for a solar array. You may want to consider installing a dedicated solar array for lighting and other electrical installations. This can be an affordable solution that you can expand on when you have more money to invest in solar energy. It can also be a system that is easier to maintain and do repairs to.

2. Give Your Home A Design With Passive Solar Heating

Passive solar heating designs are where natural sunlight is used to provide heating to your home. It can be additions like sunrooms or greenhouse areas that are open to your home. If you want an affordable improvement for solar energy, consider adding an enclosure to your home to help provide passive heating. If you are planning on updating windows, you may want to consider adding larger windows where your home gets the most sunlight.

3. Install Solar Water Heaters On The Roof Of Your Home

Solar collectors that are used to heat water or liquids can be another affordable improvement that you may want to consider to add solar energy to your home. These solar water heaters can be a great solution to provide solar energy to the mechanicals in your home. They can be used by your conventional water heater, as well as many different types of heating systems, such as boilers. This is a great way to use solar energy to help reduce your heating costs. There are many different types of systems for every budget, but evacuated tube systems will be the most efficient and have the best performance.

These are some affordable solutions that you may want to consider for adding solar energy to your home. If you want to start with these improvements, contact a plumber and talk with them about installing a solar water heater on your roof.