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Is A Combination Space Heater The Right Choice For Your Home?

If you are intent on getting a space heater, then you have likely heard a bit about radiant and convection space heaters and their differences. However, you might not have heard of combination space heaters, which combine the best of both worlds. To help you figure out if this is the right choice for you, here is an overview of combination space heaters:

What is a combination space heater?

In essence, a combination space heater combines the features of a radiant space heater and a convection space heater. It can perform the main functions of both types, which allows a combination heater to heat up a room quickly and keep it warm for a long period of time.

How does a combination space heater use radiation?

Like a radiant space heater, a combination heater relies on radiation to transport heat to where it needs to go. When radiation is used, heat is transferred directly to objects in the room, rather than being used to heat up air and then blow that air towards its destination.

Radiant heat is extremely good at making a room feel warm immediately, which means that you will begin to feel the effects of the heater within seconds of turning it on. If you just got home after a long day out and want to get warmed up immediately, then radiant heat is your best bet.

How does a combination space heater use convection?

Like a convection space heater, a combination heater can also heat up air and project that air throughout your home. This can be done with electricity, natural gas, heating oil, or propane, so you will need to figure out which type of energy is best for your situation before you make a purchase. The fuel is used to generate a great deal of heat, which then needs to be added to air and then moved throughout your home, which often means that a fan is needed.

This allows the air within a building to heat up over time, which ultimately means that your home will stay warm for a long period of time. Even after the heater has been turned off, the warm air will remain, preserving that cozy feeling.

When is a combination space heater the best choice?

If you want to be able to heat your home up quickly and keep it warm for a long period of time after you turn the heater off, then a combination space heater is a great choice. While the efficiency may not be better than more specialized heaters, few can beat the versatility of a combination space heater. Contact a business, such as Allright Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, for more information.