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Helpful Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

The plumbing in your home serves as the main artery for water you use every day. From washing clothes to doing dishes and taking a shower, it's important to keep your home's pipes and plumbing system properly maintained, by yourself and with the help of a plumber, like the ones at Bob's Plumbing & Heating. Whether you're doing some cleaning or fixing a leaky pipe, here are a few helpful tips that can save you time, money, and most importantly, your plumbing.

Keeping Drains and Lines Clear

If you want to keep your sewer lines clear of things like food and grease, use a live enzyme product instead of chemicals. The enzymes will help to quickly "eat" away at the debris and keep your water lines free and clear. They're also non-toxic and won't harm the environment or the water supply, and they work fast. Never put things like coffee grinds or starchy foods down the drain. As starches get wet, they turn into a thick paste and can expand, causing your pipes to clog quickly. Instead, always throw food scraps and coffee grinds in the trash can. 

Know Your Home

Every homeowner should know exactly where the water main shut-off valve is located. If you notice leaking, it's important to turn this valve off as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Mark the valve clearly so it will be easy to spot in an emergency. If you're buying a new home, have it inspected for tree roots or other obstructions that could possibly be a problem for sewer lines. Find out if the seller would be willing to pay for maintenance before you purchase the home so you won't have to worry about the issue in the future. Know where all of your stops are located underneath toilets and sinks so you'll easily be able to shut them off if need be.

Be Aware Of Materials

When it comes to the material of your pipes and fixtures, the type matters in terms of longevity and strength. Copper pipes are ideal while those made of PVC tend to crack or undergo leaks much more frequently. Galvanized pipes are well-made, but they have been known to rust shut over time. When it comes to your fixtures on sinks, toilets, and tubs, the better made, the longer they will last. Cheaper fixtures tend to break much more quickly and it's worth the investment to pay more for a well-made fixture.

Use these simple tips to help you keep a watchful eye on the plumbing in your home so you can enjoy the use of water without worry.