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Three Questions About Well Systems New Homeowners Often Need Answered

A water well is one of the oldest ways of providing a home with a source of water. Unfortunately, there are many new homeowners that may not be sure of what they should expect from having this type of water source. To help ensure that you are prepared to own this type of system, you should know the answers to the following few questions about water wells.

Are There Warning Signs That Your Well Needs To Be Drilled Deeper? 

It can be common for homeowners to be concerned about needing to have the well drilled deeper. Fortunately, this is not a task that you should expect to do on a regular basis. Typically, you will only need to have this one when the water level has permanently dropped. This can manifest itself in your system struggling to pump enough water, dirt being in the water and the system running for longer periods of time. If you are noticing these warning signs, you should make sure to have your pump and well inspected by an experienced professional because running it when the water level is low can cause severe damage to the mechanical parts of the well.

What Is Happens When Your Well Pump Is Serviced?

Having the well serviced each year is an important part of helping it to avoid some routine causes of damage. When you have the well serviced by a professional technician, it will be inspected for some of the more common types of wear and tear. This will involve checking the seals and the moving parts to ensure they are not warped or damaged. If these issues are discovered with the well, the technician will repair or replace the parts of the well that have suffered these issues.

How Can You Keep Your Well Safe From Freezing?

The winter months can bring a number of risks for your well. In particular, the threat of freezing can pose a major issue for the well. If the well were to freeze, it will likely suffer ruptures or other damages that could require expensive repairs.

Fortunately, you can keep the well pump safe from this risk by making a couple of upgrades to the well house. For example, you should add insulation to the interior walls of the building, and you should wrap as much insulation around the well pump as you can. However, make sure that you do not restrict the movement of any parts or block any air vents. Also, you may want to consider installing a heating system that can be used to prevent the interior of this building from getting too cold. By making these upgrades, you can ensure that your well system is kept safe from the damages that freezing can cause.