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How To Tell When A House Has A Water Leak

Does the interior of your house seem to be more humid than usual? The high humidity level might be a sign that there is a water leak in your house, which might require attention from a plumber. It is possible that there is a cracked plumbing pipe that must be sealed up or replaced. This article has a list of questions that you should ask yourself when trying to determine if there is a water leak in your house.

Do You Smell Mildew?

One of the signs that there is a possible leak in plumbing pipes is the smell of mildew. If you are unable to detect where the odor is coming from, it might be due to it being inside of the wall cavities. If there is padded insulation in the walls, a water leak may have caused it to become soaked, which caused the odor of mildew.

Are There Mold Spores On the Walls?

Walk around examining the walls in your house to find out if there are any mold spores present. Although the spores can develop on any of the walls because your house is so humid, pay close attention to rooms that have plumbing fixtures. For instance, thoroughly inspect the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room walls. Keep in mind that mold spores can appear in numerous colors, including black, orange, white, green, and even blue.

Are the Ceiling & Walls Discolored?

A common sign that there is a water leak is when the walls and ceiling become discolored. The discoloration is usually a yellowish color. The darkness of the color depends on how long the leak has been present. Basically, the discoloration becomes darker the longer that water is present. You might also notice bubbles forming along with the discoloration if there is a large amount of water in the ceiling.

Does Water Trickle Out of Faucets?

A leaking plumbing pipe can lead to the water pressure in faucets becoming weaker than usual. For instance, you might only be able to get a trickle of water when using faucets. Even if you are able to obtain more than a trickle of water, it will likely not come out of the faucets with as much force as it should. Keep in mind that water can also come out of a shower head and other plumbing fixtures at a lower pressure as well. Make an appointment for a plumber to inspect your house for leaking plumbing pipes.

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