To Avoid A Crappy Situation | Use These Tricks To Keep Employees From Flushing Inappropriate Things Down Company Toilets

Many plumbing disasters can be prevented if only toilet users refrained from flushing inappropriate items. A good rule of thumb to follow? If it is not the "number one," the "number two," or toilet paper, it should not be flushed. This might sound like common knowledge, but the simple fact is that people tend to treat property owned by a "faceless" person with less respect than they would treat their own items. [Read More]

Primary Reasons Your Sump Pump Could Fail

The sump pump is one of those things that isn't noticed until it is needed or until it fails. There are some common reasons that your sump pump could fail. Many of these issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and prevention routines. Check The Switch The switch that controls whether or not the pump comes on is possibly one of the most important parts of a sump pump. Sometimes it can become stuck in one position. [Read More]

4 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know

Plumbing problems for any homeowner can occur at any time and cause a number of further issues if the original plumbing problem isn't addressed properly. This is why you want to be sure that you understand your home's plumbing system and know how to avoid potential problems altogether. Here are four things that your plumber wants you to know so that you can avoid many common plumbing problems: 1. No Oil or Grease Down the Sink: When you are cooking, always try to remember that oil and grease should not be going down the sink. [Read More]

Graywater Collection Systems Require Professional Installation

If you're thinking of installing a graywater (or greywater) collection system, do not do this yourself. Get a plumber who specializes in installing the systems. This is because the codes governing what is legal and illegal in these systems can change from state to state, and you want to be sure that your system has the necessary permits and filters to operate legally. There is a big difference between just harvesting water you've used and actually installing a permanent system, and you can't assume that you can just install what you want. [Read More]