2 Ways To Divert Storm Water To Keep Your Sewer In Good Condition

When it rains, the storm water that runs from your property flows into your sewer system. This can then trigger the system to overflow. To keep this from happening, below are two ways you can divert the water. Green Roof If you plant a green roof on your home, it absorbs rainwater so it does not run off your roof. It also provides your home with insulation, which reduces energy costs, and gives animals a peaceful retreat. [Read More]

Hard Water Symptoms: Is Your Home Suffering From Hard Water?

Hard water is a problem that affects millions of homes in America. In fact, it is estimated that hard water is present in 85%of homes in America according to the Chicago Tribune and a U.S. Geological Survey. Although hard water is not a life or death problem, it can cause serious issues within your homes plumbing systems. If you have never had your home tested, you may want to be on the lookout for these four signs that your home has hard water: [Read More]

How To Clean A Clogged Drain

The drains in your home get clogged for different reasons, depending on their intended uses, so the methods for unclogging them may differ slightly. You can try some of the following ideas before calling a licensed plumbing contractor. ​Cleaning the drains in your home Sinks Each sink is your home may drain too slowly or become completely blocked for different reasons. Your bathroom sink may become blocked by hair, soap, toothpaste, or cosmetic applicators, while your kitchen sink is usually blocked by food scraps and congealed fats. [Read More]