3 Solutions For Adding Solar Energy To Your Home On A Budget

There are many modern home improvements that can help lower your energy costs. This can include updating windows, adding insulation or installing solar panels on your roof. Solar energy can also be harvested to provide thermal energy, which can be used by your hot water heater. If you are looking for affordable ways to add solar energy to your home, here are some solutions that you may want to consider investing in: [Read More]

Steps For Clearing Issues With Your Drains

If you have a drain that is clogged or running slowly, it can quickly become a plumbing emergency. Here are some steps you can take when faced with a broken drain.  Rule Out Septic Issues The first thing to do when treating a clogged drain is to rule out septic issues. Even if you aren't due to have your tank emptied yet, it's possible that your tank is too full, or there is too much sediment in the tank. [Read More]

3 Ways To Naturally Cool Your House In The Summer

Everyone knows that the summer can be especially uncomfortable because of the heat. If you are like most people you turn up your AC to keep the house comfortable, even though it may negatively affect your wallet. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to keep money in your wallet, without overheating in the summer. Here are some easy and natural ways to keep yourself cool in the summer without paying more in your energy bill. [Read More]

Fix That Noisy Toilet Yourself In A Few Hours

If you're accustomed to jiggling the handle on the toilet to get it to stop running, there is likely a simple problem that you can fix yourself. Standard toilet repair kits are available that you can install yourself. With a few simple tools and a couple hours of your time, you can have a quiet toilet again. Tools and Materials You'll Need flat-blade screwdriver channel lock pliers knife or box cutter sponge old rags for cleanup From the plumbing supplies or home remodeling store: [Read More]