4 Ways Homeowners Can Tell When Plumbing Needs to Be Upgraded

Many homeowners take their home plumbing for granted. The plumbing system does a lot: it delivers water for washing dishes, taking baths, and other household uses, and it then removes that used water from the home. As with most things, plumbing will deteriorate and eventually become useless. At some point in time, you'll need to consider a plumbing upgrade. For those who are unfamiliar with plumbing or new to owning and maintaining a home, it can be hard to determine when an upgrade is necessary. [Read More]

Patch The Leaking Pipe Under Your Bathroom Sink's Vanity

A leaking pipe underneath your bathroom sink's vanity can cause the material that the vanity is made out to become damaged if it becomes saturated with water. Learn how to patch the pipe with the following steps. Once you have finished, you can safely use the sink that is attached to the vanity until you are able to have the pipe replaced. Materials Needed towel emery cloth tack cloth waterproof epoxy putty knife bucket of warm water plumbing tape scissors Dry The Pipe And Sand Its Surface [Read More]

Tips For Preventing Water Pipes From Freezing

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the plumbing system of a home. Once those outside temperatures begin to dip down below freezing, there is a risk the water pipes may freeze and burst if not protected. This is especially true for water lines that run outside the home or inside the home in areas that do not stay heated regularly. These are some tips to help prevent your water pipes from freezing even during the coldest winters. [Read More]

Full Or Half Bath? Which One Makes Sense For Your Home?

Whether remodeling an existing residence or planning new construction, the number of bathrooms is always a tricky topic. Available square footage, number of family members, personal lifestyle, and of course, your home's resale value must always be taken into consideration. Sometimes it can be hard to determine when it's okay to install a half bath and when you really need that full bath.  Making the Case for a Full Bath [Read More]