How To Take Care Of Entry Points To Avoid Clogging Problems

Most plumbing or sewer drain problems occur, or at least originate, from entry points, such as toilet bowls and drain holes. This makes sense because anything that goes into the drain must pass through the entries. Therefore, preventing problems in these entry points would prevent most drain problems. Here are some of the entry points you need to take care of to prevent clogging problems: The Toilet Because the toilet seems to "

At-Home Options To Fix Your Clogged Bathroom Sink

Having a clogged bathroom sink can be very inconvenient, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. Well, if you want to perform your own at-home repairs on your clogged sink while you wait for your plumber, then you may want to consider doing the following: Take out The Stopper: Do you often brush or comb your hair over your bathroom sink? If so, then hair can easily wash down into your drain and begin to build up, which can clog your drain.

Stinky Sewage Left In Your Yard After A Heavy Rainstorm? Get Rid Of It With These Tips

If heavy rains recently flooded the sewer line in your yard and left behind a big mess, take steps to get rid of it now. Raw sewage can create many problems if it soaks into the soil and grass on your property. The odors released by the sewage can make the air around your home intolerable. In many cases, the odors and water contain contaminants, such as bacteria and feces, that irritate your respiratory and digestive system.

Three Possible Causes of Inefficient Toilet Flushing and What to Do in Each Case

It's frustrating to flush a toilet multiple times to get the waste to drain away. Such inefficient flushing has several causes. Some of them you can handle as DIY projects while others require the intervention of a professional plumber. Here are some of the common causes of such inefficiency: Water Level Too Low Saving water is good, but it doesn't mean you should set the water level in the tank so low that it interferes with the flushing.

How To Detect And Handle A Faulty Septic System

With the holidays approaching, you may have to prepare for more house guests. More house guests can often put undue stress on your septic drainfield. This is because septic tank systems are designed to only handle a certain amount out of drainage. The sudden influx of increased water usage can be too much for your existing septic tank and drainfield. Of course, you cannot necessarily install a new septic system just for the times that you have more guests in your home.

Skin Breaks Out After You Shower? Clean Your Stainless Steel Body Spray Now

If your skin breaks out after you shower, clean your stainless steel body spray now. Sometimes, body sprays build up with hard water minerals, such as calcium and phosphates, that block the small openings on them. As hot water passes through the body spray, it breaks off small pieces of minerals and mixes with the water you use during your shower. Instead of rinsing off completely, the mineral-filled water coats the surfaces of your skin and clogs up your pores.

How To Winterize A Septic System

Septic systems, like all other types of plumbing systems, need to be adequately prepared for the winter months, as freezing temperatures can wreak havoc with the plumbing and the tank itself. In order to prevent any and all damage, there are a number of steps that you can take to prepare your septic system for the winter months. Pump the Tank If the septic tank is not going to be used for most or all of the winter, consider draining it.

Water Softener Myths Washed Away With Actual Facts

If you are dealing with hard water in your home, the scummy buildup that you have to deal with on your appliances, dishes, and even body is frustrating for sure. However, if you are like a lot of homeowners, you will never talk to a plumber about having a water softener system installed. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about water softeners that could be leading you away from making this decision.

2 Common Dishwasher Issues And How To Fix Them

There is something about clean dishes that gives you peace of mind and makes the entire house feel clean. Your dishwasher is an important addition to your kitchen, helping you save time and effort while cleaning dishes for your family. Unfortunately, these appliances are complex, often composed of many different moving parts that coordinate the washing of plates, cups and other dishware. This usually translates into problems that can inconvenience you and cost hundreds of dollars in repairs, especially if you fail to properly use and maintain your machine.

Maintaining Your Water Heater For A Longer Life

You can expect to get from six to twelve years of service from your water heater. This depends more on the quality of water in your area than usage. If your water contains heavy minerals that leave deposits in the water heater tank, you may only get a few years out of the water heater before the tank rusts through and starts leaking. Flushing the sediment out of the water heater tank every year will prolong its life.